Melvin Wedge and The Skid Kids

by Vir McCoy

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A collection of bad kids tracks both new and over the years


released March 15, 2008

Vir McCoy and John Schroeder




Vir McCoy

Vir McCoy has created music in many different genres including World Fusion, Rock, Electronica, Childrens, New Age Comedy, Soundtracks and Devotional Music. He has played and recorded on many albums such as groups like the Mickey Hart Band and Beats Antique. Vir co-founded the group Hamsa Lila who's album reached #2 on the CMJ world music charts. Vir was born in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, Ca. ... more

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Track Name: Mucus Boy
Mucus Boy had Snot
Mucus Boy had quite a lot
There is too much dust and dander
Too much goose and gander
Too many dust mites in his bed
Too much mucus in his head
Theres no more kleenex to be found
theres too much mucus all around
theres sludge in his head
The FDA recommended four glasses of milk a day
but it didnt turn out quite right
he had snot at night
He cried as he laid down with dust inside
whats a poor boy to do? but lay down in his own stew.
"I do say the boy needs a doctor!"
He cough at night, he wasnt feeling right
he'd moan occasionally at night
Oh mucus boy....
Theres plastic on his pillows, and he dreams of armadillos
With stuffy snouts and allergic bouts
Theres too much mucus in his head
He's looking rather puffy and Oh so stuffy
Hes got a lot of snot, hes got a lot of snot
Track Name: Poor Willy
This is the story of willy
poor mr. willy
He was about the age of three
and couldnt hold his pee
he dreamed an awfull dream
he dreamed he had to pee
hed spout and spout and spout
he had to let it out
his mum would find him wet
and ask "Willy did you let?
Poor Willy!
Track Name: Caca Peepee Poopoo Doodoo
Caca Peepee Poopoo DooDoo
Everyday, Everyday
Track Name: The Pee Pee Dance
I gotta Peepee peepee peepee, peepee right now
please pull over gonna peepee in my pants
please pull over, Im doing the peepee Dance!
Track Name: Melvin Wedge And The Skid Kids
We were ridin our bigwheels through the Venice canals
Pullin wedgies when we met little AL
We rode to the beach jumpin Drunks on the way
Poppin wheelies and drinkin slurpies all day!
Were Melvin and Chuckie and Joey and Davy and little Al
Melvin Wedge And The Skid Kids!
Meet down at Joeys to head to the scene
Davy pulled up on his Green Machine
Racin the boardwalk and ridin the waves
Look out here comes Harry Parry on his rollerblades!
Back on our bigwheels we hit a big hill
Thats when Al pulled the skid that made us feel ill
On the way home somethin smelled like funk
"Allison come here lets change those trunks!"

Melvin Wedge and The Skid Kids!