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Toe 2 The Vomus Worm

from Ephram Fomp and His Big Time Sandals by Vir McCoy

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Toe 2 of the Children's Odessy Ephram Fomp
For full story on CD email virmccoy@yahoo.com



By and by, and after awhile of miles of walking, Ephram began to hear a strange sound. From deep in the woods came a gurgling, “HA HA HA HAGH HAGHH. Ha aha gng agn.” It was a Vomus-worm laughing near the thicket of smile. “HA HHA HA HA HA HAGHH HAGGHH HA.” It seemed to be covered in a mucus-like slime, had many pink sections and was slightly larger than Ephram. It sat in a giant compost pile.
“Oh please sir-worm don’t do me no harm.” Ephram said.
The worm coughed up a spot of fresh soil and said, well he didn’t actually say it with his mouth, it was more like pictures appeared in Ephram’s head. The worm seemed to be speaking to him in vibrations. No sounds but yet there were sounds, no words but these are words. It was like a vibratory story.
Ephram listened in his head – and his body- yes, his body was listening- to what the Vomus-worm said. There were pictures of dirt tunnels and leaves turning to soil, rotting bark, a dead chicken, old bananas…what? This was a confusing mess. More story coming – other worms, compost piles, more dirt, hard dirt turning to soft dirt, no shirts, happy worms, full bellies, more mucus, more dirt, burping worms, working worms… Ephram began to calm down a bit. This worm seemed to be showing him what a worm’s life was like.
“O.K,” Ephram said. “What’s all this about.”
The worm paused and then spoke out loud from one of the segments. “Ignnn have something important to tell youggh! Worms like to dig into the soil and break it down. They like to break it down and turn it into ground so that the Two-Tongued-Trees have fresh food and minerals to grow. Worms like to break it down. My message to you is break it down! If you ever have a frown on your face, if you ever seem to be stuck in some waste, break it down, break it down! Get down on the ground and do the wild boar boogie! Wiggle around! Your body is made from the ground. Build an earth mound. Make worm sounds. Kiss the dirt! Eat some dirt! It won’t hurt! AHHGG AHHHH HHAgggGGGG.HAHAHAHA!! Break it down.”
Ephram understood. The tips of his big time toes began burrowing into the soil and wiggling around. And Ephram did a little dirt dance (it was a bit like he had seen Uncle Pookus Fomp do after the harvest). Ephram had never danced in his life.
“AHHH AHHHGG HA AHAHA HAHA!” The worm laughed in-between coughing up spots of soil. “Break it down….”
And with that, Ephram’s sandals took him off quicker than a rabbit. “Ha hee Mu Muk Muk Muk,” He laughed.
Behind him the worm just gurgled, “Agggnaaaahhhhaa…”


from Ephram Fomp and His Big Time Sandals, released February 15, 2009
Written by Vir McCoy, Illustrations by David Jenkins, Music by Vir McCoy and David Jenkins


all rights reserved



Vir McCoy

Vir McCoy has created music in many different genres including World Fusion, Rock, Electronica, Childrens, New Age Comedy, Soundtracks and Devotional Music. He has played and recorded on many albums such as groups like the Mickey Hart Band and Beats Antique. Vir co-founded the group Hamsa Lila who's album reached #2 on the CMJ world music charts. Vir was born in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, Ca. ... more

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